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There's no need to destroy Linux-- it can grow our wheat for us after it's beaten!


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More than 20 years ago, we set out to turn the "free software" movement on its head, putting together the best minds to the task of owning something designed to belong to everyone. And it wasn't easy.

You can see the effects already taking shape in the documentary Revolution OS, which was "supposed to" be about Linux playing hero to the unwashed masses. That's how we sold the idea anyway. Even this documentary however, reveals a little of the real story.

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Let's start with the ending of the video:

By making various concessions to Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation, there is considerable ambiguity whether this is about his project or what Linus Torvalds and others have turned it into-- and that's the point, really. Nobody knows what Linux is, so eventually it becomes whatever we want (whatever we claim) it to be.

Ambiguity is the first step towards controlling the narrative! Before when it seemed clear how all of this started, there was nothing we could do with the story. So we poke at it, we pull at the thread and leave it dangling, then later we come along to make everything neat and tidy again. Stallman is supposedly given the last word, but then when you look at the "followup" everything is about LINUX. Nice trick, if you can pull it off.

But the best part is, Linux will completely let us get away with this-- and play right into our hands.


Of course this film by J.T.S. Moore is just an example

Maybe his goal was to try to show "both sides" of the story (the one that was more honest, and the one that was more made up?)

The point of course, is that when the documentary was made, the waters were already muddied and the facts were already twisted.

How does the story of a free operating system start? With Eric S. Raymond, the author of Linux-- No, the founder of free software-- No! The co-founder of OPEN SOURCE! Which already existed before then... This is the BEST wrong foot to set out on. Eric S. Raymond to Microsoft: "I'm your worst nightmare". Yes he is, the worst thing that he could do to Microsoft is take someone's project, co-opt and rebrand it, then put Microsoft in charge of it via GitHub, the Linux Foundation and even his very own OSI. The nightmare for Microsoft is what, that now they have so much more BUSINESS to tend to?

Craig Mundie should have said "No, Mister Scruffy Hacker Sir, don't create something NEW for us to take control of, Please!"

Nice one, Rambo!


So who started the Revolution? It starts right here with Open Source. And what is Open Source? The VERY CLEVER trick to sell someone else's revolution to the very people who would rather see it fail. Can you imagine what a "nightmare" that would be if it actually happened?

It's surprising that ESR even agreed to be in that film, since Open Source has always tried to avoid "politics" like these and stick to "Development Methodology". Although maybe this was back in the days when OSI was still displaying the Halloween documents on their website:

The Halloween documents were written at Microsoft, and their authenticity was verified ages ago. But where did they get these ideas?

How can we take software written for users, written by users, and controlled by users-- and turn it into software for customers, written (practically speaking) for free, and controlled by us?

Our goal is to pay a only a few people, for work done by countless people, and almost exclusively on our terms. ESR made it sound like a joke, the FSF said it was impossible. And yet, here we are-- Open Source Won, and it works for Us!



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