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December 2021: Three Holiday Cheers For Protonmail!

Protonmail is one of the leading "privacy"-conscious email hosts on the market, and they have a new way to get users to give up personal information.

This month, they are running a promotion where, if you get the Mobile App version (or as we like to call it, the Ha-Ha-Sucker version) of Protonmail, then give them your Mobile Phone number, they will DOUBLE your storage from 0.5 GB to 1.0 GB ABSOLUTELY FREE.

This is a brilliant move! However, if you are ready to trust Android (or maybe even Apple) with your "privacy"-respecting email login details, why not just admit you trust Google and sign up for Gmail?

Gmail is also free, and not nearly as limited as Protonmail. Plus LOTS of "free software" people use Gmail, and so does every person in Open Source.

Just the same, we applaud Protonmail for showing users that when it comes to protecting your privacy, Switzerland is still neutral.

We also like the little Holiday-themed gift box icon they use with this promotion, to remind you that you're giving Protonmail your personal details as a Gift to them!

Happy Holidays to you and yours, from everyone fighting your rights at Counterrevolution OS.



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