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There's no need to destroy Linux-- it can grow our wheat for us after it's beaten!


Welcome to the website of Counterrevolution OS, the operating system that puts DEVELOPERS in control of your computing!

In the middle ages, kings and priesthoods ruled the world. Today, Big Tech watches over you and decides what options you have from one day to the next. Spread word of our dominion and we may "incentivize" your participation with gifts and fame! (Actually WE won't, but people who do the sort of work we like are giving out incentives all the time, for people who toe the line and shill like true believers.)

So great is our power, that we ourselves are unnameable. All we can tell you is which companies and groups are doing work that satisfies our goals and mission. You can find good people doing GOOD THINGS at:



We have NO official ties to these companies.

We simply have great admiration and appreciation for their work. OUR OWN work, by necessity, is more abstract.

Let's just say we have a "cultural" job to do here: to end the revolution, and bring all computing (thus all users) under OUR control.


We especially want to thank:

Systemd, Android, Debian, Nat Friedman, the Open Source Initiative, MidnightBSD, GNOME, Collabora, Mozilla and Linus Torvalds

For providing us with an ideal platform for co-opting everything that's been done to fight us so far.


Tired of users trying to cheat the system? Want to support our work?

Don't worry, we can take care of ourselves. The path to the future is BUY MORE PRODUCTS from these excellent vendors and developers. You can probably get most of them from Amazon.


Are you still shopping like a caveman?

It's the 21st century, you know. If you aren't asking Siri or Alexa (AT LEAST Bixby) to tell you what to buy then what are you waiting for, a forced update?

Buy a Smart speaker, Smartphone or Smart TV today!




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