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There's no need to destroy Linux-- it can grow our wheat for us after it's beaten!


Big Tech and the Big Picture


People get crazy ideas about us, and we try to explain why we do what we do. Here are some examples of things we think should be obvious by now, but probably aren't:


We aren't building another tech empire: we just want to help!

Smaller companies can't help you nearly as much as larger ones, and larger companies can't stay larger without protecting their interests. This correlation leads to an obvious conclusion:

By protecting our ability to help you, we ensure that we stay powerful enough to make a positive difference in your business and your life. Help Us Help You.


We aren't spying on you, we are watching important trends

Providing you with the information you need for success is what we are all about.

No new information? No further success! Knowledge is Power, and it's ours to share with our customers.


Telemetry isn't data: it's Metadata

Everyone should know this by now. There's absolutely nothing useful (except to our developers) that could possibly be gained from what's practically line noise. It simply can't be abused or used against you.

You don't need to turn it off, but you usually can. You can also turn off the power to your house, but why would you?


Without our services, your business would never be safe

Security is our priority, both yours and our own. You wouldn't abandon security, that's why people always come back to us.


We aren't really lying, we're ensuring customer confidence

Making customers worry is bad for business, as well as our bottom line. Making customers believe they're happy saves us money, and we pass those savings to the customer. It's really all for them, or least they believe it is.

When they already believe what we tell them, why would we argue? It's like fixing something that isn't broken, and we only do that when it's profitable!


You can trust us!

The businesses we help have the #1 record in customer satisfaction. It's the reason we can help you: we are the best!



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